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business news

Business news is news about businesses and their operations. It can be general or specific to a particular industry such as technology, finance, or retail. Business news also includes stories about the people involved in running and managing a company. This can include executives, owners, and employees. In addition, business news can cover a company’s growth strategy, market share, and financial performance.

The term business is derived from the root word busy, meaning to be active or busy. A company that exchanges goods or services for money is considered to be in the business of making a profit. This may be done through the sale of products or services or through investment in other companies. Depending on the type of business, it may be classified as a for-profit or not-for-profit organisation. Not-for-profits typically invest their profits back into the company to achieve its stated goals.

While the word business is often used to describe companies that earn a profit, it can also refer to any activity or enterprise undertaken for the purpose of creating wealth. Not everyone is a business person, but most people have some form of business in their lives. This can be through the operation of a home or small retail business, or through employment in an office or service industry. Some people may have a side business that earns them extra income such as a freelance writing or photography career.

This guide is designed to help researchers find the best business news sources available online and in print. It is intended to supplement the primary business resources listed in the library catalog. It is not a comprehensive list of all business news sources available. The librarians in the Business Reference Services department are happy to assist you with additional research.

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