New Law and the New York Consolidated Laws

Gambling Dec 12, 2023

In a field as dynamic as the law, lawyers are always seeking ways to deliver better service to clients. That’s one reason many firms have turned to a concept known as new law. The idea behind new law is to provide help that may not be part of a firm’s core offerings but that can be offered efficiently and effectively as a separate line of business.

The term “new law” is not precisely defined by those who use it. It can mean anything from the development of a legal practice that has not been in place before to the creation of a strategy for helping clients that is different from what the firm normally does. The new law concept can also encompass the use of technology and the delivery of legal services in a non-traditional setting, such as at a client’s home or office rather than the firm’s own offices.

To learn more about new law, read this article from Adam Cox and Emma Kaufman, NYU Law.

The law of the City of New York consists of constitutional, statutory, and regulatory laws passed by the New York State legislature, including the Charter of the City of New York and laws and regulations made by New York City government agencies, and laws and decisions of courts that interpret or apply these laws. This collection of laws, called the Laws of New York, is consolidated into a single volume known as the New York Consolidated Laws. The laws are organized by subject matter, and the text of enacted legislation (Public Law or PL) is available through this site. It is also possible to access slip law texts for laws that have been enacted but have not yet been published in the New York Consolidated Laws.

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