New York City Laws – What is Law New?

Gambling May 6, 2023

In today’s legal landscape, law firms must always be looking to expand their services and find new ways to offer clients the help they need. One idea that has taken hold in recent years is the concept of law new, a term that refers to different types of strategies designed to bring legal services to new audiences and deliver those services in a way that’s completely different from traditional practices. Lawyers who are aware of this type of law practice can use it to add value and generate income in addition to the work that remains their main focus.

Providing paid safe leave for victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses, stalking or human trafficking. Read Local Law 199 of 2021.

Adding an exception to the on-call scheduling requirement for retail employees, and limiting when and how employers may cancel or change shifts, in order to prevent disruption of workers’ lives and livelihoods. Read Local Law 93 of 2021.

Providing protections for displaced hotel service workers following the sale or foreclosure of a hotel, including severance pay. Read Local Law 99 of 2021.

Establishing a process for dispute resolution and arbitration between fast food employers and workers, regarding discharge by inverse seniority. Read Local Law 1 of 2021.

Requiring that third-party food delivery services licensed by the City provide food service establishments with a list of available student loan forgiveness programs, and making other changes to laws relating to such services.

Adding requirements to the City’s data breach notification laws, in order to make them more consistent with New York State law.

Enacting new laws that require disclosure to the City of certain private information about a person’s identity, and extending the obligation to disclose such information to City agencies that have suffered a security breach involving personal information pertaining to persons who have been notified that their data was accessed, disclosed or used by an unauthorized person.

Increasing the capacity of the City’s laundry licensing system, in order to better regulate the industry and ensure the safety of customers, employees, and the environment.

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