New York State Laws

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The laws of the state of New York are composed of several levels of legislation, including constitutional law, statutory law, and regulatory law. Local laws and ordinances also make up part of the law. There is also a large body of case law, as well as a Consolidated Laws section. The Consolidated Laws are the main body of general statutory law.

UB Law’s commitment to building a community of practicing lawyers

UB Law School has a longstanding commitment to building a community of practicing lawyers and students. The school strives to build on the traditions and successes of its alumni, and constantly pushes forward to meet the challenges of today. Students can become involved in several ways, including participating in the school’s externship program, participating in the clinic, and serving the community through legal clinics.

UB School of Law students have an opportunity to become involved in the community, with many events and gatherings organized by the Law Career Development Office to help them network with local lawyers and community organizations. UB also sponsors events such as summer grants and career fairs to connect students with legal jobs.

NYU’s LLM in American Law program

The NYU School of Law’s LLM in American law program offers you the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in all areas of law, from business to international law. Its faculty is distinguished by their scholarship, and they are active in research, teaching, and policymaking. They are also active in the community, serving on boards and commissions and advising government agencies. You will have the opportunity to work on high-quality research projects and collaborate with leading academics.

The LLM program at NYU offers a range of financial aid to its international students. For example, its Hauser Global Scholarship program, which accepts eight to ten top LLM candidates from any nation, covers tuition and living expenses in full for one year. Other scholarships include the Grotius Scholarship and Vanderbilt Scholarship. Additionally, NYU Law offers a loan repayment assistance program. More than 500 of its graduates have had their debts paid for by the school.

Legal research portal

A legal research portal is a valuable resource for lawyers and other legal professionals. A legal research portal enables users to search the entire legal literature and obtain the latest information on any legal matter. A legal research portal provides a single source of access to information and is the first port of call for those in need of legal information.

With the advancement of technology, the availability of a legal research portal has increased. These databases offer case laws, full texts, and current status information. Using these tools can save time and make legal research faster and easier.

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