Using Technology in the Classroom

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In the context of education, the use of technology can be viewed from various perspectives. These perspectives include the Instrumental definition, the Synergistic relationship between technology and society, and the Intervening power of technology. However, a challenge exists in integrating technology into the classroom. This article discusses the key issues involved.

Instrumental definition

An instrumental definition of technology emphasizes the objective force behind technology, while minimizing human agency and creativity. The instrumental view is associated with technological determinism, and technological enthusiasts tend to embrace this perspective. The cultural view of technology, by contrast, recognizes the creativity of technology and the role of the individual in its creation.

Instrumental definition in technology refers to the creation and development of instruments to measure objects, phenomena, or processes. The human senses are highly sensitive, which makes it imperative for humans to develop precise analytical tools.

Synergistic relationship between technology and society

A synergistic relationship between technology and society is a mutually beneficial relationship, with both influencing each other. Humankind has long been reliant on tools to accomplish tasks. From these early tools to modern devices, technology has played a major role in shaping society and life. While this relationship is mutually beneficial, there are also trade-offs and unanticipated consequences. These effects often require a balance between competing priorities.

The Synergistic relationship between society and technology is a growing paradigm that spans the traditional materialist and liberal theories of science. It proposes that science and technology are mutually reinforcing and are essential to society and human progress. Specifically, it examines the relationship between human behavior and technological developments, especially in the fields of social science and information technology.

Intervening power of technology

The intervening power of technology has often been used to weaponize vulnerable communities. An example of this is the New York City Lantern Law, which required Black people to carry a candle at night. This law weaponized technology to target the most vulnerable communities, and disproportionately benefit white citizens. Other examples of the intervening power of technology include hand-held computers and home entertainment systems.

Problems with integrating technology into classrooms

Teachers often struggle to integrate technology into the classroom due to lack of understanding of the tools and the resources available to them. It’s also difficult to stay abreast of technology trends, and teachers often find themselves falling behind. To avoid this problem, GoGuardian has developed a Teacher and Admin platform that helps teachers easily integrate technology into the classroom. With these two tools, teachers are able to keep their students engaged, challenged, and safe while using technology.

One of the main problems with integrating technology into the classroom is that it can distract students from their studies. Additionally, continuous use of technology is harmful to eyesight and disrupts the natural rhythms of the human body.

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