What is Entertaiment?

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What is entertaiment? We’ll explore the definition of entertaiment in the English Cobuild dictionary and compare it to other popular English dictionaries. Plus, we’ll discuss the usage of the word and what it means. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know what it means and how to use it in the proper context. But for now, let’s take a closer look at the word itself.

English Cobuild dictionary definition of entertaiment

Entertainment is a word with many meanings. Entertainment can refer to performing arts, films, or other types of activities that people enjoy. It can also refer to diversion or amusement. In this article, you will learn the definition of the word in English. Let’s look at some examples. Entertainment can also refer to amusement. Let’s look at some examples of entertainment in English. Firstly, what is entertainment?

English Cobuild dictionary with other English dictionaries

If you’re trying to learn the English language, you may be wondering how to compare the English Cobuild dictionary with other dictionaries. The newer editions of the dictionary have more examples than older editions. However, the older versions are prone to error. This is not uncommon among beginner-level English dictionaries. You might also be worried about the price of the Collins Cobuild dictionary. It’s worth knowing that this particular dictionary is not free, and you’ll have to purchase the full version to get the full benefit of it.

Meaning of entertaiment

The word “entertainment” comes from the Latin words entre and tenere, which are derived from the PIE root *ten meaning “to stretch.” Its sense of entertainment dates back to the 16th century. It can also mean to occupy oneself with activities. The word has many synonyms, such as “enjoyment,” “game,” and’relief’.

Usage of entertaiment

Entertainment is a broad term that covers situations that are primarily meant to provide pleasure to the individual or a group. Though often associated with fun and amusement, entertainment can have serious purposes, such as religious festivals or ceremonial functions. Depending on the purpose of entertainment, it may also include games, satire, or intellectual growth. Listed below are some examples of entertainment:

Origin of entertaiment

The word entertainment is associated with amusement and fun. However, it can have a more serious purpose, such as a religious festival or ceremony. Entertainment can also include satire or intellectual growth. This article explores the origin of entertaintaiment. Read on for more. In ancient times, entertainment included games, rituals, and storytelling. Now, it has become the most popular form of leisure time entertainment.

Synonyms of entertaiment

While many of us think of entertainment as a simple activity to pass our time, it has a broader meaning than just that. Entertainment has many synonyms and idiomatic expressions related to fun, celebration, recreation, diversion, and sport. Its opposite, a flurry of activity or excitement, may be the opposite of what we’d normally call amusement. Listed below are some examples of words related to entertainment and their synonyms.

Examples of entertaiment

There are many examples of entertaiment. Inflight entertainment is an example. A flight from Heathrow to New York had entertainment on the plane. In-club entertainment is another example. Club members are allowed to enjoy entertainment all day long. Celebrities have often been the subject of in-club entertainment. But what are some examples of entertainment that aren’t filmed? A movie can be entertaining and a club can also offer free entertainment for its members.

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