What Is Entertaiment?

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The word entertainment has a variety of synonyms and antonyms. It also has a variety of idiomatic expressions. Here are some related words and phrases:

a zoo

There are many reasons to visit a zoo. One of them is to learn about conservation. This type of entertainment is similar to SeaWorld. Families can learn more about animals while having fun. However, zoos have a controversial history. In the past, zoos held human exhibits. In the past, zoos held melanated colonized people in cages. This practice represents an explicit example of racialized hierarchy. Further, zoos are historically responsible for supporting the illegal animal trade, resulting in an estimated 10 deaths per animal.

While animals from zoos are not able to show their natural behaviors, they can be used in circuses and other entertainment. In the nineteenth century, zoos became a substantial industry in the USA. The first permanent circus building was in New York, which featured trotting races. In the second half of the nineteenth century, circus ships were invented. These ships were later exported to Europe. Increasingly, animal actors appeared in films and television shows.

While the zoo industry tries to justify its actions by claiming to save endangered species, there are many reasons not to support the practice. The primary motivation behind the construction of zoos is profit. Many zoos kill healthy animals so that visitors can enjoy them. Moreover, healthy animals require more space. This is especially true in Scandinavia. In Denmark, a zoo recently killed a healthy giraffe. In Sweden, nine healthy lion cubs were killed. A zoo executive stated that this practice is not unusual. The animals are then relocated to another zoo. This process can be very distressing for the animals.

At a zoo

Working at a zoo can be an exciting but challenging job, especially if you’re interested in wildlife. Zoo animals are living, breathing creatures, so their needs are varied and constantly changing. You can help them by caring for them and answering questions visitors may have. You can also develop professional friendships with other employees at the zoo. These relationships can help you adjust to your new workplace more easily and provide inspiration for your next steps.

The animals at a zoo are usually captive bred, but they’re still wild animals. This means they’re used to being in enclosures, but it’s still important to treat them with respect. You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable or sick. The staff will also try to help with their care. In addition to caring for the animals, zoos host many special events and can accommodate large groups.

Those interested in working at a zoo should consider having a four-year college degree. Ideally, the degree should focus on animal science, natural resources, biology, ecology, or some other related subject. An emphasis in communications or marketing is also useful, as you’ll need to advertise and market your zoo. If you’re interested in becoming a zookeeper, there are many job opportunities for different skill sets.

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