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Gambling Feb 20, 2024

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The law is a broad field with many areas of specialty. The practice of law is also constantly evolving, and attorneys must always be open to new ways to serve their clients. One area that is rapidly growing is the concept of “law new.” While it may be difficult to define, it refers to innovative approaches to providing legal services that go beyond traditional methods.

Legislative proposals that are formally introduced are called bills. Typically, they are numbered in the order that they are introduced during each Congress (H.R., House of Representatives; S., Senate). Once they are enacted into law, they are called Public Laws or Acts. They are then codified in the United States Code and published in the Statutes at Large.

State agency records that are otherwise available for public inspection shall be made available in their entirety, unless the record is exempted from disclosure by another provision of this article or other applicable laws or regulations. A person requesting access to a record may be required to pay any necessary fees or charges associated with the requested request.

A person requesting access to a record shall be permitted to inspect and copy that record if it is not otherwise publicly accessible. In addition, the agency will be required to notify a person of any exceptions to disclosure. The agency shall not deny a requester access to any portion of the record that is excepted from disclosure without a valid reason.

In response to reports that people of color are twice as likely as whites to have medical debt reported to credit agencies, Governor Hochul signed legislation today to protect New Yorkers from price-gouging and other financial consequences of accumulating this type of debt. The bill prohibits the sale of medicine at an unconscionably excessive price throughout a drug shortage, and requires that companies disclose their pricing policies and provide clear instructions on how to cancel subscriptions.

The legislation also helps ensure that credit agencies do not inadvertently remove this important information, and provides that these institutions can only report to a consumer’s credit report if the consumer has agreed to have their debt reported. It also bars hospitals, health care professionals and certified ambulances from reporting to credit agencies medical debt that has not been collected. The legislation will help New Yorkers get jobs, secure credit, rent homes and save for their children’s education. In addition, the bill will ban predatory subscription services that automatically renew without the consent of their customers. The bill is supported by the American Civil Liberties Union and endorsed by New Yorkers for Responsible Banking.

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