What Is New Law?

Gambling Jul 14, 2023

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New law is the latest legal concept capturing a lot of attention. For many firms, it is a way to unleash potential and deliver the kind of help that clients need. It is also a way to do more without jeopardizing the primary focus of the firm. But, like anything in the legal world, this area requires careful consideration and a thoughtful plan.

The fast pace of business and the scope of social change are making it difficult to paint an accurate portrait of what new law will look like in the future. However, a few defining characteristics are beginning to take shape.

Collaboration will be the hallmark of the new law era. The accelerated pace of change and significant global challenges that cannot be mastered by one person, function, enterprise or stakeholder group necessitates it. The legal function is well positioned to play a leading role in this effort, as it has the capacity and inclination to bring together the right mix of people and resources to solve complex problems that were once deemed “bespoke” or intractable.

It is the next phase of evolution for the legal industry, a shift from preserving legacy delivery models and outdated legal education to a customer-centric approach that is backed by data and technology platforms. This transformation will have a profound impact on the practice of law, shifting from the preservation of profit and self-congratulatory awards to a relentless pursuit of client impact and net promoter score.

New law will see a rise in legal tech, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation, blockchain and other technologies that have reshaped the way businesses operate and the products they offer. In a similar fashion, it will see the use of these tools expand into areas of the law that were traditionally considered bespoke or intractable, including cybersecurity, labor and employment, insurance, real estate and bankruptcy.

Trafalgar Law is a great example of this new trend. Introduced to fans during the Sabaody Archipelago arc, Law quickly established himself as an important character and was even more impressive once his full powers were revealed. He is one of the most powerful pirates in the world because he is able to coat his body with a tremendous amount of Haki, allowing him to negate the Devil Fruit powers of Yonko Big Mom and other members of the 11. This power is not permanent, though, and Law will need to continue to strengthen himself in order to maintain his position as the strongest pirate.

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