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Posted by admin on September 7th, 2018

jake gyllenhaal jake gyllenhaal jake gyllenhaal

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Posted by admin on September 2nd, 2018

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jake gyllenhaal jake gyllenhaal jake gyllenhaal

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Posted by admin on August 31st, 2018

jake gyllenhaal jake gyllenhaal jake gyllenhaal

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Posted by admin on August 30th, 2018

jake gyllenhaal jake gyllenhaal jake gyllenhaal

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Posted by admin on August 29th, 2018

In the Sisters Brothers, the new film by Jacques Audiard, Jake Gyllenhaal, 37, embodies a form of resistance in Hollywood. Conscious and determined, he talks about his vision of cinema, his commitment to the status of women, Trump’s policy. And even his love for musicals (nobody is perfect).

by Charlotte Oberti for GQ France

He declares himself “sensitive and vulnerable”; he produces films made by women; he is a star capable of criticizing Hollywood’s superficiality; he is cultivated, kind and thinks to be a little French somewhere. Moreover, he is the ambassador of the Cartier House (for the Santos watch) and will be in September with the poster of Jacques Audiard’s first American film, Les Frères Sisters.. Always the right shirt, the big fat sweater, the fresh smile and the cute little puppy look … It’s perfect, this Jake Gyllenhaal? GQ met him for a long time in a studio in Greenwich Village, New York, before catching him on the phone from London where he is shooting. Casual and frankly talkative for an actor of his caliber, Jake Gyllenhaal, 37, gives off a form of wisdom that gives it a relief not so common. He is interested in everything, music, literature, politics … But also, and above all, he intends to invest in the mid-term elections in November, to oppose the policy of Donald Trump . Perfect ? No, but not far.

GQ: Is it good to live far from Hollywood?
JG: I do not really know, actually. When I left Los Angeles, I just wanted to get away from this place. I live near my mother, who lives in New York, and I often visit my father (director Stephen Gyllenhaal, ed), who is still in Los Angeles. Now, when I go back, I really appreciate. I fell in love with the light, the silence and the space of this city.

How is it growing up in Los Angeles?
I have wonderful childhood memories, and others less. I had passages, during my career, where I was disenchanted by the Hollywood system. There are things that bother me.

What for example ?
The superficiality. Many people play a role. They think that’s what is expected of them, and I was probably a bit like that too. It made me sad. It was hard for me to be part of that. But there are also aspects that I love in this business. In fact, I am divided on the issue. I have two opinions. It is not for nothing that I am often offered dummy roles with double personalities, I think I am a bit like that (laughs).

Today you have a healthier relationship with Hollywood?
Sometimes in life, we have easy judgment. Now I see things differently. As I got older, I learned to understand the system, to accept it and to appreciate it as well. What I see especially now is a community of people struggling to make movies and, sometimes awkwardly, to express something. When I was in my twenties, I thought I was more special than I think today.

You have won enmodestie?
Oh no ! (laughs) But when you’re 20, you want to prove a lot. It was my case. Not anymore. I care less about all that. You know, I started working in cinema when I was very young, at 11 years old. It took me a long time to understand that privacy was more important than work. I will quote Jay-Z: “Iusedtogiveashit, nowIgive a shit less” (“Before, I had something to fuck, now less.”) I just want to be with people I love, it’s so simple only that.

You turn in Jacques Audiard’s latest film, Les Frères Sisters. It’s a director you like …
Yes, he’s one of my favorite live directors. I love all his movies. I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to work with him. In my family, we have a motto: “Relatives and privacy go before work, unless Jacques Audiard calls. ”

And so Jacques Audiard called you?
I ended up getting a phone call, yes. As soon as I knew he was working on the film adaptation of the book Les Frères Sisters, I sent him an email. We did not really know each other but I managed to get my hands on his address and I wrote to him: “I love this book. I would love to work with you. If there is any role to play in your film, I hope you will think of me. He never answered.

But no !
At the time, I thought I must have bothered him. Then I saw him at a luncheon in Los Angeles a year later. It was a normal lunch and he did not talk about the movie. It was only a year and a half after that I received a proposal for a role.

Find the full article in GQ on newsstands Wednesday 29 September.

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