Jake Gyllenhaal shows off injured hand on TV

Jake Gyllenhaal showed off the extent of his hand injuries following his hospitalization last month by removing the bandages during an appearance on U.S. TV.

The Hollywood actor required medical treatment in Los Angeles on November 13th after punching a mirror for a scene in his new film Nightcrawler.

He received a number of stitches for the deep gash, and he showed off his hurt hand during a taped appearance for The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

When asked about his wound, Gyllenhaal told the host, “A mirror broke in the middle of the scene; I hit a mirror and it broke. And it cut my hand… I was in the middle of a scene and then I cut it and had to go to the hospital… Do you want to see it? It’s gross.”

The star then peeled off his bandages to reveal the cut, prompting gasps from the audience.

He added of the crowd’s reaction, “That was a mixture of excitement and horror!”

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